Graduate voter registration

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Graduate voter registration online for MLC elections in Telangana Form 18

What is MLC 

Telangana is one of the six states that have a State Legislative council. MLC stands for members of the legislative council.

As per Article 169 of the constitution of India- “The State Legislative Council is the upper house in those states of India that have a bicameral state legislature; the lower house being the State Legislative Assembly.” A bicameral state legislature means- legislators in two separate assemblies.

Who can be MLC

  • MLC must be a citizen of India, at least 30 years old.
  • He should be mentally sound, should not have any debts, i.e., should not be insolvent.
  • He/she must be enrolled on the voters’ list of the state from where he/she is contesting the election.
  • He or she may not be a Member of Parliament and Member of the State Legislative Assembly at the same time.
  • The tenure of the MLCs is six years. One-third of the members of the Legislative Council retire after every two years. 

How they are elected

State Legislative Council’s strength cannot be more than one-third of the membership of the State Legislative Assembly. It can have 40 members and not less than that. The MLC of Telangana has 40 members. 

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As per government rules, MLCs are elected in the following process.  

Elected by the local authorities – One third is chosen by the members of local bodies such as municipalities, district councils, gram panchayats, and panchayat samitis.  

Elected from teachers’ constituencies – One twelfth are elected by teachers who have three years of teaching experience in educational institutions within the state in secondary schools, colleges, and universities.

Elected by legislative assembly members – One third gets elected by the members of the Legislative Assembly of the State from among the people who are not members of the State Legislative Assembly.

Elected by Governor – One sixth are nominated by the Governor from persons with knowledge or practical experience in literature, science, arts, the co-operative movement, and social services.

Elected by students- One twelfth is elected by persons who are student graduates of three years residing in that state.

Graduate voter registration online for MLC elections in Telangana

The official site for graduate voter registration is Telangana CEO. So visit the site and go to the home page. Then Click on the E-Registration, and select the Form-18, which will pop up in the Menu. You will be directed to the Form-18 Registration Page.

Once you are on the registration page, you will need to enter all the details present in the form. Begin by entering “Graduate Constituency and District.”

Now move on to the Applicant Details Section- Keep filling in all your credentials correctly like name, surname, date of birth, gender, educational qualification, occupation, address details, etc. 

Next, type the required information for these options – District, Assembly Constituency, Epic No, Polling Station, S.I No correctly.

Make you have scanned documents of your educational qualifications and photograph ready. You have to enter the University’s Name, Passed out Year, and upload the necessary certificates, documents along with the photograph. Enter your degree, i.e., diploma or graduate correctly 

Now read the line mention in the form – My name has been included in the electoral roll for this or any other constituency.”Click on it Then select the Constituency and District correctly. 

Provide your mobile number and email id. Go through the form once again. Then click on submit.

Important notes

  • Last date – The last date for registering the Telangana MLC Votes is 06 November 2020.
  • The eligibility criterion for applicants – Applicants must complete their minimum of 3 years of graduation course by 01 November 2020 are only eligible for the Telangana MLC Voter Registration.
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