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Voter ID Status Check:

It is the responsibility of every Indian Citizen to check the voter id status before the elections. It is better to check the voter id status as and when the Election Commission releases the election notification. Checking the voter id status option can be used for 2 options. The first option is you can check the voter id status of an existing voter by using the holder’s name or EPIC number. The second option is you can track the status of the voter id application form. The Election Commission of India through the NVSP portal and through the State and Union Territory CEO portals is providing an online facility. Now by using this wonderful facility you can check the voter id application status of a recently applied person with the help of application number or reference number. You can also check the voter id status of the existing voter by using his name or EPIC number.

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  • Visit the NVSP portal.
  • Select the Track application status option from the main menu.
  • Voter id online application status window will be displayed.
  • Now enter your reference number or application number and click the track status button.
  • A page will be displayed with your voter id status.

Voter id status check –

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Voter ID Download

Besides being required in elections a voter ID card can be used as a proof of identity as well as proof of residence. With this in mind, it is important for every Indian citizen above the age of 18 years to apply for one. The waiting period before an applicant gets the Voter’s ID card they applied for is about three months. But once you apply how do you track the process in order to find out when its ready for collection? One of the most convenient and easiest ways to do this is the online method.

In order to get the Voter ID application status, you will require the application number or the application ID that you received when you applied for the voter document. The following is the step-by-step process by which to use to find out your Voter ID  card application status.

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  1. Log on to the Election Commission of India website. The web address is
  2. Once the website has loaded you will be presented with 3 options with which to conduct the search in order to find out the Voter ID status. You can either opt to search by house number, application ID or the name you entered in your application.
  3. After making your choice above you will next be required to choose between three kinds of forms. These are Form 8A, Form 6 and Form 8. You are required to select the kind of form you completed when you applied for a voter ID.
  4. The last step is clicking on the search button. This will display a message on the screen that lets you know about your Voter ID card status.

Checking Voter ID status online via State websites:

Applicants of voter ID cards can also check the status of their documents on the state election commission websites. And just like with the Election Commission of India website with the websites of the Chief Electoral Officers you will also be required to enter the application form type as well as the application number or ID that you received at the time of applying.

For applicants hailing from Delhi the website to visit is On this website, applicants will be able to track the status of their voter ID as long as they have an acknowledgement number.

For residents of the state of Andhra Pradesh, the website to visit is

For residents of Karnataka, the website to visit in order to check their voter ID card status is

For residents of the state of TamilNadu, the website that will serve them with regards to checking the voter ID card status is

Residents of the state of Kerala need to visit this website:

Those who applied for their Voter’s ID in Uttar Pradesh are required to log on to this website for the Voter ID status:

For the residents of Maharashtra, the website to visit is

As demonstrated above the process of finding out the voter ID status online is easy and straightforward.

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