Voter ID Card

Voter Photo Identity Card: India

As an adult Indian, you should strive to engage in the political process if you appreciate good governance. To be able to do this, you need to register as a voter and ensure that your name appears correctly the electoral roll.

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Appearance and uses

The voter’s card is a small, paper printed document that is equal in size to a normal bankcard. It contains the name, age and residence of the holder, together with a photo of his or her face. The card also has a unique serial number and signature of the issuing officer.

A registered voter is entitled to an electoral photo identity card, which they can put to many uses. Below are some of the uses of the card:

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As verification for voting

To confirm that you are the right voter under a particular name entry on the roll, you will need to present either an elector’s photo identity card (EPIC) or any other acceptable identification document to the polling station officers. It is only then that you will be allowed to cast a vote.

Acquiring SIM card

When you wish to acquire a mobile phone number, you can take your voter card to the service provider. This is the only proof you will need to get a SIM card.

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Applying for passport

The EPIC is treated as a secondary proof of identity and proof of address in the passport application process. If you carry it alongside a primary to document to a passport office, it eliminates the need to look for other documentation, especially when you do not have them close by.

Other uses

Various organizations may require you to prove that you have attained a particular age, or that you are a citizen of India,before they offer you certain services. The services that require age limit restrictions vary by state; they may include sale of alcohol, cinema entry, and nightclub access among others.

Government services such as Aadhar card registration, public distribution systems PDS connection, and ration card application also require some proof of residence and identity; you might be able to meet this if you have an electors’ photo identity card.

How to get one

Every five years, staffs from the Electoral commission do door-to-door registration of voters. However, it is impossible to cover everyone who using this process, as some homes might be skipped. On other occasions, the unregistered adults may not be there at the time of visit. Moreover, five years is too long to wait when you can easily initiate registration  and get your EPIC within a month.

Application for new voting cards is now ongoing both online and offline. If you want to do it offline, just visit a nearby Electoral Commission office and obtain Form No. 6. You can also get the form online. Fill it and attach the requested documents.

It is also possible to complete the entire registration online without having to visit any office. Go to the website of your State’s Electoral commission and follow instructions.

From Election Commission Portal we can search Voter List 2019 with our name or photo , also can apply new voter id , if your name included in voter list you can  download voter id card also some name corrections in voter id you can apply for corrections, can do address change in voter id from above portal and check your voter id status.

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